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Capital construction

at the price and speed of construction of frame technologies:



- Patented system

- New Generation LGSF Machines

Why, of lightweight concrete, we mainly use polystyrene concrete to fill the LGSF Double Frame

Polystyrene concrete has high strength characteristics, has high sound insulation. This is the only type of lightweight concrete with high ductility

Of course, we have patented our system using various types of lightweight concrete: aerated concrete, foam concrete, polystyrene concrete and more. But we give preference to polystyrene concrete. 


The flexural strength of polystyrene concrete is 50-60% of the compressive strength, for concrete this parameter is 9 -11%. It has improved indicators of frost resistance, low operational humidity, improved indicators of chemical and biological resistance. Polystyrene concrete has optimal vapor and air permeability for building envelopes, non-toxic. Polystyrene concrete has stable characteristics when prepared in the conditions of the construction site (which is important during the construction according to the Double framework), which cannot be said about foam concrete and aerated concrete.

Properties of polystyrene concrete

Graphically in the video

Why polystyrene concrete

By such parameters as vapor permeability and thermal inertia, polystyrene concrete corresponds to wood materials.

* Flammability group G1 according to GOST 30244-94, the material is self-extinguishing, increased indicators of high temperature containment from adjacent rooms

* Flammability group B1 according to GOST 30402-96; moderate smoke generating ability according to GOST 12.1.044-89
* Moisture-resistant polystyrene concrete - positive buoyancy (does not sink in water). When humidity changes, polystyrene concrete does not deform. Moisture does not affect the heat-insulating properties of polystyrene concrete.
* Wood resin, which is part of polystyrene concrete, does not allow form bacteria and mold in it.
* Polystyrene concrete is environmentally friendly (food trays are made of expanded polystyrene today), the general level of emissions of substances into the environment is the same as that of furniture MDF, chipboard, laminate and other artificial materials.
* Low sorption humidity or water absorption of 4% allows the material to maintain low values ​​of thermal conductivity and in conditions of high humidity.
* Highly frost resistant F25-F100
* Polystyrene concrete is a warm construction product. Surpasses wood in thermal conductivity: polystyrene concrete structures are 0.015 W / micron warmer than wooden ones.
* Polystyrene concrete with a thickness of 30 cm replaces about 1.5 meters of brick masonry in terms of thermal conductivity.
* Polystyrene concrete in the LGSF Double walls does not interfere with air exchange, i.e. the walls are able to "breathe", and due to the high vapor permeability - to regulate air humidity. Recently, more attention
paid not only to the thermal characteristics of the wall structures, but also to the comfort of living in the building.

Download: Study of the strength of polystyrene concrete
University of Technology, Sydney, Australia


An example of the thermal engineering calculation of EPS concrete
+ Double frame LGSF

ТТР наруж стена D300.jpg
ТТР наруж стена D350.jpg
ТТР наруж стена D400.jpg

Download thermal technical calculation polystyrene concrete + Double wall LSF for Kuwait

Apartment house social housing

Double frame LGSF / EPS concrete - visual video

The video and photo show the stages of the construction of an apartment building for social purposes, erected  in Kazakhstan. Design and construction was carried out using the Light gauge steel frame Double wall system with filling of the frame with D350 polystyrene concrete. The building project has successfully passed the state examination of the Republic of Kazakhstan and put into operation.


Using our system, the thickness of the walls of the building is formed, which meets the requirements of thermal conductivity and energy efficiency in any region of construction and depends only on the type and density of lightweight concrete. An undeniable advantage is the controllability and flexibility of the system, depending on the required requirements.

Apartment buildings, social housing with the use of the  Double wall LSF - a prefabricated, but monolithic energy-efficient building without regional restrictions. It is one of the most promising and economical options for the construction of facilities with the undeniable advantages of the quality of life of future residents.


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