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Capital construction

at the price and speed of construction of frame technologies:

- Patented system

- New Generation LGSF Machines

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Photo-video report of construction

According to the system "Double wall LGSF"

The first day

The frame elements are already completely ready for assembly arrived at the construction site - the profile is cut exactly to the size, holes are also punched “flush” for rivets or screws .

Each panel of the frame is packaged in a separate package, and each panel detail is machine-signed according to the assembly drawing, which eliminates assembly errors even by an unprepared person.

                          The assembly drawing is not more complicated than the instructions

for the children's designer

All elements of the frame are packaged in packs. Each pack is a separate panel.

Nothing needs to be cut or changed. Only a manual riveter or a screwdriver and that’s all. All  details of frame are signed by machine . The bundles are numbered.



Assembly of first panel

+6 days

The assembly of the frame by 4 people is completed.

Foundation work is underway.


The foundation is ended. The installation of the frame began.

Construction of an individual residential building 800 m2
Oboldino village, Moscow region.

Construction of a country house in the Krasnodar Territory 190 m2

Construction of an administrative building of 1200 m2, Moscow region

Building construction 1,500 m2


+8 days

The frame is installed, sheathed and completely ready for filling with "light warm concrete." The house is preparing to become capital - truly durable and warm, earthquake-resistant, quiet.

The walls, both outside and inside, are absolutely flat, ready for finishing and for any type of facade. Additional external insulation is not required.

Everything is ready for pouring concrete into a double frame.

Everything is ready for pouring joists.


Perfect geometry before and after plating.

The device of heating, water supply and sewage.


Began filling polystyrene concrete walls and ceilings. Concrete fills completely the entire space of the double LGSF  framework in the walls and joists. The result is a monolith. The construction of our walls is a monolith. Since in the case of pouring a single frame, concrete is poured by cellular and "works" on its own, steel in single walls "works" its own.

Video: Filling of Walls

Video: Pouring of floors

C-shaped profile creates a kind of "locks" for concrete, which gives the structure even greater strength, as well as earthquake resistance. And most importantly - concrete completely fills the entire space of the frame, and not "that narrow part", as it seems to many.

Second floor - after pouring of concrete


Concrete filled all the voids of the frame and floors. Now the excess can be removed and the frame already completely covered with sheathing material.


The result is such a full-fledged monolith, in fact, walls and ceilings form a monolithic structure, with a supporting and reliable concrete "filling" inside.

Steel and concrete - what can be stronger?

+6 дней

Даже кровля является единым, неразрывным  монолитом от нулевой точки заполнения "теплым" бетоном

Floor screed

Another big plus of the Double frame is that you can use not only a ventilated facade, unlike the classical technology with basalt or wool insulation.


At this facility, a clinker facade is used, which is attached directly to the cladding plate.

The frame and joists are completed. The interior decoration has begun.

Do you want a bathhouse or a sauna in the house - please.

The repair is almost finished.

House territory ennobled.


For each building using the Double wall LGS technology, require a certificate from the copyright holder.

Advertising, construction, production, any commercial offers, presentations using the Utility Model of our Patent without a License Agreement or a Certificate from the Copyright Holder of the LGS Double wall system are illegal and entail  liability.

The copyright holder may, at its discretion, authorize or prohibit other persons from using the result of intellectual activity or means of individualization.

IMPORTANT! The absence of a ban is not considered consent.


Other persons may NOT use the corresponding result of intellectual activity or means of individualization without the consent of the copyright holder.

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