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The year 2022 - Global update of all machines

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  Upon purchase of the MPA300 Multi Profile Automatic Steel Framing Machine , a License Agreement is signed for the application of the Patent No. 121831 "Double wall system LGSF":

- License agreement 

- ProCAD Design & Detailing Software - free no limit

MPA300 - 2022 Multi Profile Automatic Steel Framing Machine

MPA300 Multiprofile Industrial Line LGSF

- This is a full-fledged professional, fully automatic plant with the most powerful architectural and calculation software for the production of frames from 3 profile sizes at an incredibly low price.

- This miracle with its appearance brings us orders.

* Literal translation of the words of one of the customer who bought the MPA 300 line

  • Part Cut or Full Cut Shear - For Short or Long Pre-Processed Framing Parts

  • Twin Service Holes + 125mm Service Hole - 2 x 33mm or 1 x 125mm Service Hole.

  • Combination Stud Dimple and Cut – Three operations in one action for fast Stud production.

  •  Anchor Hole + Service Hole - General purpose 13mm and 33mm Service Hole.

  •  Combination Plate Dimple / Noggin Hole / Lip Notch – For faster Plate and Noggin production.

  •  Stud Dimple - For floating Stud dimples.

  •  Chamfer - To trim stud corners for Webs and Wall Braces.)

  •  Infeed Guides - Automatically Adjustable for various strip widths.

  •  InkJet - Inkjet printing for labeling framing parts automatically. - Lip Tooling – Automatic adjustable for "C" and "U" parts. 

  •  Flange Raft – Automatic Web Size Positioning.

  •  Automatic Raft System – Adjusts Rollformer Rafts for Profile size changes.

  • 70 mm - 300 mm Profile size range

  • Maximum steel thickness 2.50 mm

  • Automatic reconfiguration

  • FrameWare Machine Control System

  • On-site setup and training

Request a quotation:

        2022 - LGSF purline  line CZ400

Automatic multi-station

C, U, Z and Sigma profiles, steel up to 4 mm

- Money train

* Customer quote


Real capability of the CZ400

Links to facilities of partner companies working on SFS machines


2022 - Updated LGSF ​​Line MP150

Semi-automatic multi-machine

The new machine is almost ready! There are only a few days left.

The multi-machine MP150 is offered in two versions at the price of single-profile analogues of competitors:

- production of 3 sizes of profiles + P-Chord roofing system

- production of 2 sizes of profiles + C-Chord ("back-to-back") and P-Chord roofing systems

  + 2 years free license agreement for the use of the "Double wall system"


Standard machine option:

  • 70/90/140 mm standard profile sizes

  • Steel from 0.8 to 1.6 mm

  • Roofing / Walls / Floor trusses

  • ProCAD / CAM - Software Design and Detailing Package

  • FrameWare machine control system

  • On-site setup and training

The success of sales in 2018 - 2019, of the semi-automatic multi-station MP150, for the production of 2 types of profiles, made it possible to create a unique offer for this series of machines, for the production of  3 types of profiles at the cost of two-profile machine of SFS Int. company.

Important note: SFS Int. equipment is supplied with software that automatically calculates the loads on the frames, although it does not restrict the use of other software, for example such as Vertex.

Since 2020, the line has received significant changes.


The video  shows the process of reconfiguring the machine to a different size of profile. By the way, in case of need in the future it is possible to add sizes of profiles besides already made.

Request a quotation:

SP160 LGSF line - 2022

Line for the production of one type of profile

  • 90mm - standard profile size

  • Steel thickness from 0.75 to 1.6mm

  • Roofing / Walls / Floor System

  • ProCAD / CAM - Design and detailing of projects

  • FrameWare Machine Control System

  • On-site setup and training

Брошюра станки SFS таблица.jpg

SFS International is a direct manufacturer of its own equipment with a personal staff of engineers (and not just a seller of the brand). This allows the customer, if necessary, to make changes / additions to the equipment, the possibility of modification as necessary.

                     The origin of the component LGSF  machines of SFS International

Происхождение запчастей.jpg

SFS International is the only global equipment manufacturer that supplies machines with its own CAD / CAM software, but at the same time contains open source software. This allows you to integrate hardware capabilities with widely used software.


Complete freedom of choice! Now this feature is available with Vertex BD


All lines include:

              ProCAD Design & Detailing - Software


  • 2 x Licenses - No annual license fees

  • Software Engineering Integration

  • SFS Product Integration

  • System Specification Setting

  • Training

  • On-site commissioning

  • Design and Assembly Guide


ProCAD software package is the design, engineering and detailing of LGSF in one simple environment.


ProCAD produces detailed drawings, structural analysis reports, specification of materials and, of course, production data for a CNC machine for launching any range of manufactured profiles for a “final” error-free solution for steel frames.


               ProCAM - Production Optimization Software


  • 2 x ProCAD Licenses - No annual fees

  • Updated for Free Conversions

  • Custom Conversion - Third-Party Applications

  • Complete training with ProCAD sessions

  • On-site setup

ProCAM converts data from ProCAD to the FrameWare machine control system. ProCAM manipulates CAD data into an optimized ready-made archive for the machine, sorting product groups and complex stamping operations. ProCAM also converts ProCAD data for printing by an Inkjet printer on all elements.


ProCAM will break and organize production files for a multi-machine in one or several places. ProCAM will also help you manage your products by reporting the exact rolling times for each component, and will filter out all potential flaws and provide the operator with warnings or reports of errors and deficiencies in the product archive.


              FrameWare - Machine Control Program


  • 2 x  Licenses - No annual fees

  • Lightweight, simple touch screen interface

  • Configurable to pair with designated products and machine configuration

  • Full setup and on-site training during

  • commissioning time

FrameWare is the final stage at SFS International “from start to finish” seamless and error-free solution for steel structures.


FrameWare is a PC-based program that accepts machine files productions created by ProCAM for the production of a number of steel components Designs designed and detailed in ProCAD.


FrameWare is easy to use. Thanks to the touch screen, machine operators can quickly and confidently process the necessary components steel frame with little or no waste.


FrameWare software for machine control offers various production modes: from the “Manual start” mode to the “Automatic start” mode, which is automatically launched through production files, such as walls to walls or by components in serial production.


In the "Manual start" mode, the operator can enter the length, quantity, select operations with the profile, as well as set labels for inkjet printers.

We are constantly asked - is this the very software?

We answer immediately to everyone - yes, this is the most legendary licensed software.

Software demo video:


Please note that  LGSF  SFS Int. machines are also compatible with third-party software.
From the science fiction section:
Can you imagine how delight your customers will be?
Additional software for creating presentation virtual reality, creating complex geometry of frames, individual elements and many other functions.
* information available upon request
Demonstration to the customer of a fragment of a two-frame stable with an area of 2500 m2
Profile Operations:

What are LSF  SFS machines and their production?

This is an international team of knowledgeable, loving their work and enthusiastic people from around the world: Australia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, USA, Germany, India, China, Iran, African countries, etc. 

What are we all doing together and why?

First of all, like everyone else, we earn. And we have been doing this for quite some time. But, we earn by what we really like.

Therefore, we are quite strong and different from others. From design to completely unusual solutions, both in terms of production and in terms of the approach to the construction of LGSF and its monolithic execution.

We DO NOT make machines like everyone else. We also do not rely on generally accepted decisions of the classic frame housing construction. And we proud of it.

We are constantly trying to bring something new to this industry, combine one technology with another, cross old with new digital technologies or breathe life into the often undeservedly forgotten and misunderstood in due time. Well, or transfer to the "new rails" that which has long been firmly considered an unshakable dogma in the world of builders.

What do we want and do for a long time?

Again and above all, like everyone else - to earn and grow. But to earn + the main thing is to develop. Exactly so, exactly together.

Selling each machine is not just to service it later, namely to share the reverse experience of construction developments from different parts of the Earth.

For example, do you know the features of construction in ... Afghanistan? And we, having given the machine there, now we know ... But there they know the features of construction in Siberia? Do you think such a different region and mentality will never need it? You are mistaken!

Or: do you know an unusual and simple solution to the spans of Iranian manufacturers? Have you heard about the "Indian Walls"? And what are the (and absolutely fantastic) guys from Africa doing? By the way, it is from them, when purchasing the machine, that we give the client a completely unique almost fantastic  software.

Have you heard about the Sokol system of the great Soviet architect Shipkov, who is getting a new breath today and not only within the borders of the former USSR?

Or that our LGSF Double wall system, which has already been tested, finalized and adapted to various conditions and climate features of our planet.

And every year such developments, decisions, and, often, inventions, from production to construction, architecture and design, are more and more.

And this is only a very small part of the now jointly accumulated experience.

We will not say that all of our clients are representatives of large corporations or statesmen. But the vast majority of even ordinary people have become a kind of common and fairly friendly cauldron of ideas and solutions.

Join now!

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