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Capital construction

at the price and speed of construction of frame technologies:



- Patented system

- New Generation LGSF Machines

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Double Wall System LGSF©  

Please note: ONLY for owners of SFS Int. equipment a License is issued for the construction and production of building frames using a Double wall system (no exceptions)



                                           It is better to see once

On the example of the construction of an apartment building


And now more about the system "Double Wall system LGSF"

The double wall is filled with any type of lightweight concrete. Clearly shows the full filling of the entire space

Combining the "Double wall LGSF"  and various heaters, lightweight concrete, fillers, we offer the desired wall thickness. LGS profile is put “in break”, creating a double contour of the building, independent from each other.

Using  any type of isolations: mineral wool, basalt wool, ecowool, etc.), as well as any type of lightweight concrete (foam concrete, polystyrene concrete, aerated concrete, etc.)

Just want to dispel two myths:

1. There is exactly as much metal on a double frame as on a single frame (in rare cases, 7-10% more). Due to the distribution of loads from one on two circuits (according to all necessary calculations for seismic, wind and snow loads).


2. The final cost is not higher, but often lower than on a classic single frame with wool insulation. As a result, we get a capital energy-efficient monolitic building at the price of frame technologies.



  • The steel frame is completely poured with concrete, closed under reliable protection with cladding plates. What can be even more reliable, strong and durable?!

  • In the Light gauge steel frame Double walls, lightweight porous concrete acts as a filler and isolation. No thermal bridges. As a result, we have a steel-concrete monolithic building.

  • The frame is competently designed and manufactured from galvanized steel, on high-precision, robotic equipment LGSF.

  • Double wall system LGSF© forms a wall of the required width and is poured with any tipe of lightweight concrete.

  • A framework (which is simply impossible to incorrectly assemble and  incorrectly installe) and lightweight concrete that is protected from external environmental influences - that`s all ...

Concrete filled all the voids of the frame. Now the excess can be removed.

Often we have question  is about the behavior of the zinc coating of structures  LGSF in the environment of lightweight concrete and the possible formation of corrosion.

The center of cellular concrete (St. Petersburg) conducted comprehensive studies on the safety and corrosion resistance of galvanized structures in foam concrete. LGSF has the zinc coating of class 275 and has a thickness of 20 μ m (GOST R 52246 2004). With an average corrosion of 0.25 µm / year, the durability of LGSF, based only on the durability of anticorrosive zinc protection, taking into account the absence of cracks, will be at least 80 years. Since the low carbon steel used for the manufacture of LGSF in an alkaline foam concrete environment has good corrosion resistance, this further increases the service life of such structures. The service life of residential and public buildings defined GOST R 54257 2010 more than 50 years. This result is recorded in the STO 82866678 3.01.01 2013 and published in the authoritative industry publication " Eurostroy It should be noted that the formation of corrosion on steel with a zinc coating is possible only if there is a constant access of moisture and oxygen dissolved in it.

In the Scientific Works of the III All Russian (International) Conference on Concrete and Reinforced Concrete (Moscow, 12 16 May 2014) in 7 volumes. T.5 “New efficient concretes and technologies.
Light and cellular concrete refers to the study of the properties of monolithic foam concrete in enclosing structures during the construction of the exterior walls of the technical floor of a residential building in the city of Vladivostok. Foam concrete absorption recorded at 110% whereas absorption of moisture by polystyrene concrete (EPS concrete)  is less than 10%. Polystyrene composite concrete has clear advantages over other types of lightweight concrete due to its low moisture absorbency, which significantly reduces the risk of corrosion. This is due to the fact
that polystyrene concrete has a more dense structure, unlike other types of lightweight concrete (talking about a density of 350 - 400 kg/m3). Air entrainment is minimal.


Moisture absorption by polystyrene concrete is less than 10% versus 110% in foam concrete .

What are the advantages of a Double wall system LGSF?

Easy to build, reliable to operate.


- Steel Double frame non-combustible

- Polystyrene concrete:

     * flammability group G1 in accordance with GOST 30244-94 (slow-  burning, does not support combustion);

     * Flammability group B1 according to GOST 30402-96; moderate smoke generating ability according to GOST 12.1.044-89



- The double steel frame with zinc coating is not afraid of water. Metal Zinc coating - Zn of at least 275 g / m2 with a yield strength of at least 350 MPa

- Polystyrene concrete is also moisture resistant - positive buoyancy (does not sink in water). When humidity changes, polystyrene concrete does not deform. Moisture does not affect the heat-insulating properties of polystyrene concrete and does not cause the formation of bacteria and mold in it.


Cold / Heat

- Double frame of LGS eliminates the formation of termal bridges (due  two parallel walls that do not touch each other around the entire perimeter)

- EPS concrete - a construction product in thermal conductivity even surpasses wood: polystyrene concrete structures are 0.015 W / micron warmer than wooden

- EPS concrete with a thickness of 30 cm replaces about 1.5 meters of masonry in terms of thermal conductivity

- EPS concrete in LGS Double frame does not interfere with air exchange, that is, the walls are able to “breathe”, and due to the high vapor permeability, they regulate air humidity. As a result, a favorable microclimate is established in the interior, close to the microclimate of wooden houses

- In the case of using Greenboard as a permanent formwork, they are not only a sheathing material, but also a wonderful additional insulation.



Double frame LGSF produced on CNC machines is:

- Perfect geometry

- No shrinkage

- High strength of the structure (absolutely not inferior, but in many ways superior to brick structures)

- Seismic resistance up to 9 points (due to the bearing steel frame of the articulated type)

- Erection speed ~ 1.5 - 2 months

- Affordable price

- Do-it-yourself construction without any special skills.

- The complete exclusion of through cracks on the walls for the entire operation of the building

- Flat surface of both external and internal walls

- Easy fastening to the walls of facades, household appliances, furniture, etc.

Another manner of use of the Double wall Light gauge steel frame
Protecting constructions for multi-storey construction from 4 to 40 floors 

This huge training complex is also built using our Double wall system

We also use the double frame in the arches

Double wall LGS technology for flood affected

Since late July 2013, the south of the Russian Far East and northeast of China have been exposed to catastrophic floods caused by intense prolonged precipitation, which led to a consistent increase in the water level in the Amur River.


According to our system, more than 40 houses were built in the disaster area. Houses, which are now not afraid of either water or cold.

For those who don’t want or cannot contact wet processes

There is an ideal solution for filling the Double Frame - Ecowool


This solution makes the filling of the frame construction even more affordable, fast and economical.


Ideal for very fast and economical construction of country houses, superstructures, attics, tourist sites, hotel, hostels, shift camps, etc.

Need assembled and installed the frame, sheathed, filled walls, roofing and ceilings by ecowool  - that's all.

1. Speed ​​- literally in one day the entire frame is filled, including the overlap.

2. Significantly reduced time, as well as labor costs in the workforce.

3. In the Double frame there is no possible problem of shrinkage in the walls. Indeed, in this case, the filling of the walls immediately goes into the filling of the ceilings or joists.

4. There is no termal bridge in the Double Frame due to a broken circuit.

5. In the Double frame, it is guaranteed that the entire interior will be completely filled with ecowool, since it works on the principle of a communicating vessel.

6. Significantly expanding choice of cladding material. You can use plywood, OSB, etc.

7. There is no need for a laborious and expensive process of frame insulation. An exact fit is not needed, as is the case with basalt or mineral insulation boards. 

8. The complete absence of seams.

9. A completely waste-free process. There are no remains of basalt, mineral or other similar plates.

10. Construction all year round.

11. Simple and quick dismantling, without loss of material used. Ecowool is easily and completely, with the help of a blowing installation, climbs back. Ideal for temporary dormitories, shift camps, etc.

12. In general, the price is even lower.


Test of sound absorption                                                           Shrink test

Specifications of Ecowool:


Density: 30-75 kg / m3 (depending on the field of application);


Thermal conductivity: 0.035-0.041 W / ms (depends on the density of application)


Combustibility group: G1 - low combustibility (GOST 30244-94, SNiP 21-01-97 *)


Flammability group: B1 (GOST 30402-96, SNiP 21-01-97 *)


Smoke generating ability: D1 - small (GOST 12.1.044-89, SNiP 21-01-97 *)


Fire resistance: Fire resistance of partitions made of cement particle board insulated with ecowool is up to 2 hours.


Breathability: Low - (65-120) * 10-6 m3 / m * s * Pa


Vapor permeability: 0.3 mg / (m * h * Pa)


Hygroscopicity: Able to absorb water 5-6 times its mass


PH value: 7.8-8.3 - chemically passive, does not cause metal corrosion


Sound absorption: 15mm layer absorbs 9dB


Shrinkage of material: Completely absent subject to technology


Compressive strength: low


Hygiene: The material does not cause allergies, toxins are absent. Possibility of use in all types of buildings.


Manufacturability: Mounted by spraying, lightness and high installation speed, seamless, covering insulation


Seasonal restrictions: No


Durability: Over 85 years. Warranty period - more than 50 years.

Combustibility test

House  built according to the Double wall system Light gauge steel

With ecowool filling

We do not specifically compare or give comparative characteristics with other technologies - both standard and ultramodern. We leave this opportunity to you. Add and compare all the pros and cons.


The choice is yours!

Double wall LGS + SFS Int. machines

in the world


For each building using the Double wall LGS technology, require a certificate from the copyright holder.

Advertising, construction, production, any commercial offers, presentations using the Utility Model of our Patent without a License Agreement or a Certificate from the Copyright Holder of the LGS Double wall system are illegal and entail  liability.

The copyright holder may, at its discretion, authorize or prohibit other persons from using the result of intellectual activity or means of individualization.

IMPORTANT! The absence of a ban is not considered consent.


Other persons may NOT use the corresponding result of intellectual activity or means of individualization without the consent of the copyright holder.

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