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Capital construction

at the price and speed of construction of frame technologies:



- Patented system

- New Generation LGSF Machines

Pre-fabricated LGSF technologies were born

in Canada, USA, England in the fifties.

It was then that in these countries there was a need for massive and relatively inexpensive housing.


Thanks to the LGSF framework, the building is lighter, which gives significant savings in the construction of the foundation. When constructing a frame house, the most modern and economical materials are used to protect the premises from the effects of external and internal environment. LGSF technology is much more modern than the technology of erecting wood carcasses. Therefore, this solution has much greater advantages. We list them:


- The main advantage is great reliability. The profiles that make up the metal frame are not affected by moisture, are ductile, and can withstand heavy loads. The metal frame of LSTK is seismic resistant.


- Ability to implement many architectural solutions. LGSF, unlike all construction technologies, is universal (from a change house and a superstructure to entire microdistricts).


Add to the above - a lower final cost compared to any other building technologies - and you will get an ideal and reliable technology that allows you to build an inexpensive, practical and beautiful object.


Cottage villages, and areas of low-rise construction are now in almost every city. But the cost of the house is very high for the majority of the population, and therefore not many people own their own houses. However, the introduction of new construction technologies can solve this problem now.

60-70s. Used piece profiles. Their processing at the construction site is required for assembly in panels and floor beams, roof trusses. Skilled labor is needed. Profile C and U-shaped.

Details are cut to size manually, without holes for fastening and automatic cut-out of connecting nodes, a small accuracy of the geometry of the entire structure and a rather large percentage of unnecessary waste.

English company

built one of the first prefabricated houses LGSF

As you can see, the construct itself has not changed much. The laws of physics, unlike technology, stand still.

Just with the advent of robotics and computers, and, accordingly, of new generation machines LGSF, it became much easier, more accurate and more reliable for a person to build his own house.

Although, in fairness, it’s worth noting

that since the 1950s, the Soviet Union paid no less attention to light steel frames

Here is just a small list of books and scientific papers on a similar topic in the USSR:

1. Belena E.I., Klepikov L.V. A study of the joint work of foundations, foundations, and transverse frames of steel frames of industrial buildings // Scientific Communication (TsNIIPSK), - M., 1957.

2. Belena E.I. Actual work and calculation of the transverse frames of steel frames of one-story industrial buildings: - Abstract. dis. Doctor of Engineering, Sciences — M., 1959.

3. Berdichevsky MM. Studying the work of a steel frame. industrial buildings by the method of full-scale differentiated static tests carried out in the process of construction // Materials on steel construction mm, 1957.

4. Zaslavsky I.N., Flax V.Ya., Chernyavsky V.L. Durability of buildings and structures of non-ferrous metallurgy enterprises. - M., 1979.

5. Izosimov I.V. A.S. 563595 (USSR). A method for determining the shear strength of a material. B.I., 1977, No. 24.

6. Kikin A.I., Vasiliev A.A., Koshutin B.N. and others. Improving the durability of metal structures of industrial buildings. - M., 1984

7. Koryakov, A.S. Bearing capacity of steel structures operating in hostile environments of non-ferrous metallurgy workshops: Abstract. dis. Cand. tech. sciences. - M., 1985

8. Metal structures. Designer reference. Ed. N.P. Melnikova. - M., 1980.

9. Nemkova IS Statistical analysis of material properties and substantiation of the design resistances of bent profiles for building metal structures. Abstract. dis. Cand. tech. sciences. - M., 1985

Lightweight steel frame structures

Author: Sakhnovsky M.M.

The data on the selection of house-keeper of steel grades and metal profiles for lightweight iron systems from thin-walled and wide-shelf I-beams and brands, welded pipes and bent-welded profiles, profiled flooring and others is given. Of course, fruitful solutions and the calculation of lightweight coatings, trusses, thin-walled and perforated beams, lightweight racks and columns, and also beams for mounted vehicles are considered. Samples of calculations of components and assemblies of lightweight iron systems using the calculation and design methodology according to SNiP II-23-81 are given. For engineering workers of design and construction organizations.

So not so new and unexplored technology LGSF. And even on the contrary - Technology of prefabricated buildings, based on more than 60 years of world experience. And thanks to the latest computer-aided engineering technologies and innovations technology  brought to perfection.

The result:

Today, in more than 150 countries of the world - from cold Greenland to the sultry South Africa, the almost universal technology of LGS is gradually beginning to firmly take a leading position in the global construction market. But the element of distrust and skepticism towards Light steel frame is still strong among the consumer.

We dream to see and climb the Eiffel Tower, we admire the tower of designer Shukhov in Krasnodar, built back in 1928. We call them unique architectural monuments. Frames exist for a century. But at the same time, looking at the LGSF solutions, we say that it will become shaky, rot and fall apart in a month. At the same time, forgetting that frame-steel technologies are used in cars, trams and railways, aviation, space and shipbuilding (including nuclear icebreakers). And in these cases, dynamic loads are hundreds (if not thousands) times higher than construction ones.

Factories and big plants, large world production. From what materials  mainly erected from? That's right - from steel!

By the way, houses from the English company mentioned above are still standing.

And a little more interesting:

In the film "The Girls", where the action takes place in a harsh Siberian climate, the new and warm dining room, which specifically shows that people, unlike the old dining room, walk in light clothing, is built using technology almost 100% close to LGSF.

Pay attention to the thickness of the walls ...

The old dining room is a classic massive wood house. All dressed up ...

The new dining room - people are already without outerwear. The "giant" wall thickness is clearly visible.

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