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Capital construction

at the price and speed of construction of frame technologies:

    Design center



- Patented system

- New Generation LGSF Machines

SOKOL super-efficient design system

We reduce the number of floors, but increase the population density by 2 times. At the same time, we reduce the cost of construction, reduce the time, and make the infrastructure viable. You say it is impossible? I do not agree. Diagonal design system "SOKOL" by Alexander Shipkov - a revolution in design and development.

Chief Architect A.I. Shipkov

Typical floor plan Sokol LGSF system

We had the blessed opportunity to meet and present system of Double wall LGS Honored Architect of the RSFSR Alexander Ivanovich Shipkov. The largest specialist who created a huge number of original constructions projects for regions of Siberia and the far north of Russia, he became the prototype of the architect Dmitry Kalmykov, hero of the film "Love of man" (year 1972, directed by Sergey Gerasimov).


Alexander Ivanovich praised our system. In joint projects we want to connect his creation and our system.


In turn, Developers of the cities we want to present the features and benefits of Urban system "Sokol" of Shipkov A., since, for example, in contrast to the historical quarter or free urban territories building structural buildings, based on the principles of a diagonal design provides maximum compactness, which is reflected in high rates of housing density population.​


On indicators of population density the structural of buildings is equivalent to:

· ​3 floors = 9-storey building;

· 4 floors = 20-storey building;

· 9 floors — may exceed regulatory population densities for 16-20-storey development in 1.5 times.


A direct consequence of the maximum density residential areas are reducing the number of storeys increased and unbuilt territory.


For structural construction of the majority of the settlements is enough use of structural of building high-density 2-4 floor height.

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Urban system “Sokol" - a principally new system of structural building high-density urban settlements. It is a system of mass types of residential and public buildings on a single parameter, constructive and technological base. Being technology-planning system, "Falcon" objectively more efficient technologies for construction of individual buildings.

"Sokol" system aimed at speeding up housing solutions


-to create an improved efficient dwellings a reasonable affluence municipal housing resources, including "affordable housing" for the real estate market, as well as the profitable homes for rent residential


-the development and continuous improvement of advanced construction technologies and maintenance of utilities


-on the formation of the vital City Wednesday in harmony with nature in all its diversity of geographical and climatic conditions at the restoration of architecture and urban culture in its multinational manifestation.


Urban system "Sokol" on its ideological filters: News, cultural, resource-saving and economic indicators does not have analogues neither in Russia nor abroad.


Potential future development of the system, including the innovative (commercial) is currently the highest.


Low-rise system "Sokol" is designed for integrated highly economical as building small settlements and towns with a population of up to 100 thousand residents.

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