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Stone house LGSF

The system is patented and requires the purchase of a license.

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Classical LGSF technology involves the use of wadded materials as insulation. 

A significant drawback is the fear of moisture, as well as the formation of a “termal bridge”.

In addition, the thickness of the wall during the construction of a building from LGSF is limited by the width of the profile used in the construction of buildings. Given the different climatic zones, the width of the profiles used affects the increased metal consumption of the buildings being erected and the increased cost of construction.

- Double wall system LGSF enables us to vary the thickness of walls for southern and northern regions. We can form the wall thickness "L" - that is, from 250 mm to infinity. This can not be done with one profile, or it is necessary to have available many machines, or multi-machine, but these are costly investments

- Very convenient to do the filling of the walls by light concretes and control the process of complete filling. The same applies when filling the frame with ecowool. Ecowool will not shrink. Shrinkage is possible only with a single wall, as there is no “communicating vessel” system.

- The most important thing is that using exactly the double wall system + lightweight concrete, we end up with a monolithic building. If one wall is used, which will be poured with concrete, the frame of the building will "live" and "work" by itself, and the concrete by itself. Symbiosis, integrated work will not be.

- Investments in the purchase of equipment for the production of frames will be minimal. Since it is enough to have a machine that produces one type of profile 90 mm. The machine produces walls, joists, roof trusses. As a rule, a 150 mm profile is used for casting on a single wall system. This means that the joists and roof trusses will also be produced on CNC machine (profile 150mm). However, because of this there will be an increased metal content.

- Supporting steel frame makes the building drastically improve earthquake-resistant

- All concrete used for building in block construction requires of reinforcement. Double wall system made of LGSF is the only means which makes the building both frame-based and solid-cast construction

- Lower density light aggregate concrete has higher immunity to heat loss. Steel frame LGSF appears load carrying construction were light aggregate concrete density can be reduced to a minimum

- Light concrete used with Double wall system is isolated from both external and internal impact by means of facing material

- Steel frame is protects the building from cracking and geometry distortion during many years of service

Stone house LGSF Do you think it's impossible? 

We argue the opposite! 

The metal content of the frames is 2 times higher? It's nonsense. 

It remains common, and often below the classic. 

As rightholders we issue a License for the production and use of our the patented Double wall system.

But if you buy our machine for the production of LGSF, we give a License for free as a gift. Plus a brochure with the secrets of our LGSF Double wall system.


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