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Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else

Updated: May 11, 2023

How do we feel about those who copy our Double Wall LSF, give it another names, or openly mislead that they are us? Rather, with tenderness and pity. And sometimes even with gratitude, because those who could not be deceived eventually come to us. And it's even good that they steal. It would be worse if our innovation was of no interest to anyone.

Large and serious Customers will never waste time and will not go to companies that copy our system without understanding what they are doing in the end. "Correct" and interesting Customers will go to the original source. Who has accumulated knowledge, passed the difficulties that have arisen, has already corrected the mistakes. This is a fail-safe rule for acquiring and developing a new business, or an existing business, but in a new direction.

The LGS Double wall system is the absence of boundaries in the supply and construction of buildings: from hot countries to permafrost regions. This is the work of production equipment for the purpose of deliveries not within a radius of 20-300 km. These are serious orders both in your country and around the world. Because with the use of the Double Wall LGSF, you will no longer have restrictions on the wall thickness and the width of the produced profile.

Very often, clients from different countries come to us and directly ask - do you know this company that offers your system? Do they have the right to manufacture and build Double Wall? Designers ask the same questions, because only the original source knows the features, "chips", invented and thought out important little things.

Why SFS International machines?

We chose this CNC machines manufacturer because:

- this is one of the rare companies that produce multi-profiles machines, including industrial grade

- this is an affordable price that allows even a small company to enter the market

- this equipment is of European quality

- this is the absence of production waste due to the pre-cutting system

- these are non-standard engineering solutions

- these are machines with their own software that automatically calculates the loads on frames in accordance with current international standards

- this is a free opportunity to use third-party software. No restrictions

- technical support and training

- this is a professional team

Who needs our system and trouble-free machines for the production of LGSF? They are needed by those companies that want to be different from their own kind.

Looking at social networks and publications, we can't help but be surprised. It's like a vanity fair without a distinguishing feature. Yes you can. But you do the same as the neighbor on the left or on the right. What makes you stand out from the crowd? Now imagine that the prospective buyer has to choose from the crowd. Who will he stop at?

Join us! Innovation + reliable quality equipment SFS is the principle of a smart business organization with an honest approach to quality production and construction.


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