• Double Wall system LGS

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else

For buyers of machines from the manufacturer of SFS International, we issue a perpetual License for the official use of our Double Wall LGS system through registration at an official patent agency.

Why need a license agreement with us?

Because system is our Intellectual property and patented. Large and serious Customers will never be wasted time and will never go to companies that are copying our system with a lack of understanding of what they do as a result.  

The appeal to the primary source, which has accumulated knowledge, has passed the difficulties encountered and has already corrected mistakes - this is a fail-safe rule of acquiring and developing a new business, or already operating business, but in a new direction.

The LGS Double wall system it is the absence of boundaries of your deliveries and construction of buildings: from hot countries to permafrost countries. This is the work of your equipment for deliveries not within a radius of 20-300 km. These are serious orders both across your country and around the world. Because with the use of our system you will no longer have restrictions in the thickness of the wall and the width of the produced profile.

Very often customers from different countries come to us and directly ask - do you know this company that offers your system? Do they have the right to produce and build a Double wall of LGS? The same questions are asked by designers, because it is on their shoulders the duty to check the applied systems for patent purity in projects.

Why the SFS machines?

We chose this particular CNC equipment manufacturer because:

- this is one of the rare companies that produce multi profile machines, including industrial class 

- this is an affordable price, allowing even a small company to enter the market 

- this is European quality equipment

- this is the absence of production waste due to the system "pre cut"

- these are non-standard engineering solutions

- these are machines with own software that makes the calculation of loads on the frames in automatic mode according to the current world standards

- this is a free opportunity to use third-party software. No restrictions 

- this is technical support and training

- this is a professional team

Who needs our system and trouble-free SFS equipment for production of LGS

- The answer is simple. It need to those companies that want to be different from their own kind. Looking at social media and publishing I could not help wonder. It's look like a vanity fair with no distinguishing feature. Yes, you can. But you do the same thing as the neighbor on the left or right. What makes you stand out from the crowd? 

But now imagine that the intended customer needs to choose from the total mass. Who's he going to stop at? 

Therefore, our LGS Double wall system + trouble-free quality SFS equipment is the principle of smart business development with an honest approach of quality construction.