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Steel-concrete structures Double wall system LGS

Capital construction at the price and speed of frame technology.

Classical technology LGS involves the use as insulation basalt or mineral wool materials, a significant disadvantage of which is the fear of moisture, as well as the formation of "cold bridge". In addition, the thickness of the wall in the construction of the building of LGS is limited by the width of the profile used. The difference in climatic zones limits the manufacturer of building frameworks LGS in the geography of deliveries, as this is directly related to the width of the profiles used in the use of classical frame technology. At the same time, the width of the profile used in the frameworks and the thickness of the metal affects the increased metal consumption of the erected buildings and the increase in the cost of construction. The task of unification of  the set of LGS profiles, removing the "termal bridge", reducing metal consumption, as well as meeting the needs of potential customers (in particular the mentality of "The house should be stone", "The house should be a fortress", led to the idea of a Double Wall System.

The idea of creating a Double wall system LGS appeared in Russia in Krasnodar city and was patented (Patent for the group of utility models №121831 from 10.11.2012 "Frame building options"). The idea of the system is to form wall panels, placed on the width L, sheathed with sheet material as permanent formwork and poured with light concrete. Thus, we have the thickness of the walls  which meets the requirements of thermal conductivity and energy efficiency in different climatic zones, depending on the type of lightweight concrete. An undeniable advantage is the controllability and flexibility of the system depending on the requirements and necessity.

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Double wall system LGSF

Fill frame is conducted every day in layers up to 1 m. The ideal geometry of the constructed objects significantly shortens terms of build. The total period of construction of buildings under the finishing trim is about 2.5 - 3 months. In the presence of the foundation period may be reduced by a month.

The use of Double wall system does not increase metal consumption of building frameworks. When calculating the strength characteristics of structures, the result is the exclusion of additional elements for resistance to wind loads used in the frames of light structures erected according to the classical technology LGS. The average metal consumption of buildings is from 20 to 40 kg / m2.

As an example, we give an apartment house with a total area of 2200 m2. The cost of construction of a square meter of the building in the finishing USD$ 477 and in addition to the structure in the finishing with communications includes plumbing, furniture, appliances, house landscaping, asphalt laying, boiler room.


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