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Build a house yourself

Frameworks that are produced on CNC machines, in the assembly resemble a lego-kit. This allows a company that owns the equipment to make a profit by simply producing and selling wireframes without even engaging in construction. 

Often people have a need for construction, but they do not have the opportunity to hire a construction company. They want to build a house on their own and they have such an opportunity. This house was built by the young family independently with the active support of the parents. So they had the small budget, but they already have their own house.

Why the frame is red? From time to time we buy steel at a metallurgical plant with a two-sided polymer coating. This time the colour was red. By the way, the machines are very love of rolling steel with a polymer coating. 

Very often we were visited by clients that was families, where the wifes asked: "Oh, can we get the green or yellow framework?"


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